Monday, December 12, 2016

Jane's Ashes

December 11, 2016 was a somber day. 'Twas the day we spread Jane's ashes into the Androscoggin River. David, Aaron, Kelli, Nan, and Spencer honored us with their presence. We took them to our favorite chunk of granite, on the river, in the hopes that the water was flowing freely around it.
There was a bit of ice near the outcropping, but Jane's husband, David, came prepared with his ice-breaker rock. This was where Aaron would spread his mother's ashes.
We communed on the boulder, circling for a brief moment of silence followed by personal reflections.
Then, after touching the box of ashes, it was time...
for Aaron to spread his mother's ashes into one of her favorite Maine rivers.
Aaron reflects on the life of his mother.
David, Aaron, Kelli, Nan, and Spencer honored Jane's life along with us.
Aaron and Kelli...
Nan and Spencer...
We then ended our outing with a visit to another of Jane's favorite Maine bodies of water, Caesar Pond. She spent many hours playing on the pond over the last 16 years for sisterly R&R.
Nan, Spencer, Kelli, and David at the pond's edge.

Bon Voyage, sweet sister, Jane...We love you...